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Uses #

Inspired by Wes Bos (as I found his resource very useful) this is a quick rundown of the things I use day to day for work / general messing around.

Editor + Terminal #

For the past couple of years, I've been using Visual Studio Code and I'm really happy with it. Before that, I was using Sublime Text 3. And before that, it was TextMate.

In VSCode, I'm using Wes's Cobalt2 and the Material Icon Theme.

I purchased Dank Mono for all my mono-spaced needs. Unfortunately, I don't think it is being developed anymore, but for the price, it's a great font, and I find the ligatures and italics super useful when coding.

If not using VSCodes built-in Terminal, I've been running Hyper, but I don't open it that often.

I switched to ZSH a couple of years ago, again stealing Wes's setup, and I'm pretty happy with that.

Desktop Apps #

I moved back to Firefox when Quantum came out. Some performance issues on heavy animations aside, I'm very happy with it, especially having fewer eggs in the Google basket.

If I have to do any vector work, Sketch is my go-to. I'm also a big Zeplin fan. I'm slowly dipping my toes into Adobe XD, so far I quite like it.

Hardware #

I have a 13inch Macbook Pro (2016). I don't love it, but my mid-2012 machine was falling apart.

I picked up a refurbished LG Ultrafine 4K display, which I like for the size/price I found.

My mouse is a Logitech MX Master 3 after I had some pain in my wrist, which seems to have solved the issue.

Keyboard wise I'm using the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. Space Gray and Wireless. Thought I'm getting close to pulling the trigger and building a Mechanical Keyboard.

My mouse mat is a Steelseries QCK , mostly because it was black, thin, and large.

Audio #

I'm not an audiophile, but I like to think I've got a decent-ish setup for my current situation. Unfortunately, the record player and LP collection are back in Blighty, so Apple Music will have to do for now.

For headphones, I have a pair of Shure SE425-CL and upgraded the cable to a Shure RMCE-UNI. I got them off eBay from a recording studio having a clear-out, so they were near enough unused and pretty cheap.

Be it via my Phone and Bluetooth, or wired as a USB DAC to the laptop, I use a BTR5 amp. I think it sounds pretty great for what it is and uses aptX when in Bluetooth mode which will give me the best wireless audio I can hope for now.

I have a backup setup for Beach Trips/camping etc, which is a pair of Shure SE215's paired with a Fiio ╬╝BTR. It gives me slightly more battery life compared to the BTR5.

If home alone or camping etc, I have a Minirig. Mines a weird Hybrid of an original Bluetooth Model, with the chip-set and battery from a 2 from when I had it repaired. Its a bit bassy for my music tastes, but you can't beat its size vs loudness ratio. I often think about picking up another one along with a Minirig Subwoofer to build a small home HiFi setup that's also portable. I wonder how that would play with the Record player when we do move back home.

Other #