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Referrals #

I use a lot of services that often offer referral codes. If you end up signing up for a similar service, use the links below and we'll both get money off. To quote an animated Meerkat, simples.

Freeagent #

The premier accounting software. I don't use half of the features, and still think its incredible value for money. Sign up using the link below and we both get 10% off.

Sign up with FreeAgent - Opens in new Window

DNSimple #

More often than not, CNAMEs, A Records, and everything else confuses the hell out of me. DNSimple made it super easy, and it is pretty cheap given its power. Sign up using the link below and we both get $5 credit.

Sign up with DNSimple - Opens in new Window

TransferWise #

After moving to Canada, I had to learn a lot about international money transfers. The most important thing I learned is that TransferWise makes it easy, quick, and cheap! If you sign up using the link below, you'll get a free £500 transfer.

Sign up with TransferWise - Opens in new Window

ExpressVPN #

Privacy is important. As is freedom. Netflix is better in other countries too. When I need a VPN if using public wifi etc, I use ExpressVPN. Signup using the button and you'll get 30 free days, and I think I do too.

Sign up with ExpressVPN - Opens in new Window